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Pet Milk


Pets Own Milk Range -
Lactose Free Milk

Composition of Pets Own Puppy Milk

Pets Own Milk is based on cow’s milk with the lactose removed. Lactose is the component in milk that dogs cannot digest(1) and which consequently gives the stomach pains and diarrhea, which in turn can lead to poor absorption of ingested nutrients.

Pet’s own puppy milk is the best solution for fast growing puppy.

  • All lactose has been removed to ensure optimum digestibility
  • Vegetable oil with a high linoleic acid content. Dogs are not able to synthesize their own linoleic acid so it must be supplied in the diet. Essential fatty acids have a variety of roles in animal metabolism but most noticeable will be improved skin condition and luster of coat
  • Milk protein is highly bio-available compared with meat protein. Levels in a pet food must be carefully balanced to ensure that the proportion of energy provided by protein is not excessive and is balance with energy provided via fat
  • A selection of minerals has been added to boost possible dietary inadequacies. Calcium in particular is not widely available from many food sources other than dairy and is an essential element for good bone development in growing cats and dogs, in particular large dog breeds. The crucial calcium: phosphorus ratio is ideally balanced for optimum uptake
  • Methionine is added because it is regarded as the most limiting amino acid in most dog foods and also being an essential amino acid, Pets Own Puppy Milk has added methionine to minimise any chances of deficiency

Why the need for a milk drink for pets?

Dogs need an adequate fluid intake to help prevent kidney disorders. Pets that are fed on high proportion of dry food in their diet are at particular risk. Milk is an ideal way of providing the necessary fluid intake while at the same time providing an excellent source of nutrients – especially calcium* and amino acids not found in meat based foods. Pets Own Milk with its lactose removed and additional nutrients goes one step further for greater pet health.

Noticeable benefits will be :

  • Improved short to long term health
  • Improved outward appearance in the form of shiny and more manageable coat, Healthy skin
  • Assistance in the prevention of kidney and eye disease
  • More energy and happier disposition


Pets Own Milk is manufactured in premises meeting the highest of international standards for food preparation. It is prepared alongside food for human consumption and contains ingredients of a standard acceptable for use in human grade food.

The manufacturing facility has a capacity to pack 96,000 litres of product per day in order to meet any new supply requirements that may occur.

The factory has accreditation to ISO 9002 and USFDA approval.

Quality Assurance

The manufacturing facility has modern testing facilities for its full range of milk-based products. The laboratory is capable of carrying out any tests to NATA standard that are required by specific customers. The facility is also accredited by AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) and registered with the Department of Primary Industry.