In 1992 when Michel LABROUSSE and I founded Connex United Processors, our main goal was to create a consortium of Australian food and beverage manufacturers, strong enough to compete against the largest multinationals worldwide.  We would offer better prices, more flexibility, better services and our zero-stock management system.

Our previous top managerial positions in Asia, in the banking (Credit Commercial de France) and food manufacturing (Nestle) sectors enabled us to establish vital links for Connex United Processors.

Today Connex United Processors is a leading export company group of Australian food manufacturers with productions sites in nearly every state of Australia and representative offices in almost every capital of Asia.

It is also because of Australia's world wide reputation for exceptional natural resources (pure water, clean fresh air, rich soil and cheap raw materials) that Connex United Processors has enjoyed a fast growth in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Fiji Islands, New Caledonia...

In Australia, our main activity is the making, mixing, packing, and bottling of food and beverages under private brands (OEM brands) for the top 4 largest retail networks by offering products up to 35% cheaper on the shelves than our competitors.

Overseas, by combining our manufacturing power with our shipping facilities, we consolidate a wide range of groceries, Australian wines and pet foods, for distributors, supermarket chains and hotel chains, at extremely competitive prices. Our customers also enjoy locally the support of our professional export teams.

In pursuing our company slogan "delivering the best for less" we have increased our productivity and reduced our overhead expenditures by introducing the latest technology.  While our competitors have merged to share their assets and losses, Connex United Processors has emphasized the development of low profile profit centers managed by independent owners.  In a world where nearly everyone has equal access to the same raw materials, equipments and financial assistance, Our people's motivation has been the key to our success.

At Connex United Processors everyone is a major shareholder thriving "to deliver the best for less" to you.

Should you wish to know more about our organization, please feel free to contact your local representative or us here in Australia for more details.

     Yours faithfully

     Gerard JOUAULT
      Export Manager