Our pure multiflower honey is a choice table honey collected from a range of Australia’s ground flora and unique eucalypts.Our honey has a flavour you will happily use daily but never tire of.

Packaging: Squizzable Jar (12x400gr box), Glass Jar (MUG 12x340gr Box), Clear PET Jar (12x500gr, 12x1Kg Box), PVC Jar (12x500gr box), Pails (6x1.5Kg), Plactic Bottle (4x3Kg Box), Drums (1x 300Kg), Pail (1x29Kg)

Typical Analysis
Moisture 17.0%, Fructose 46.6%, Glucose 34.3%, sucrose 1.9%, Maltose & Others 4.35%, Dextrins & Gums 1.6%, Mineral Traces 0.25%.

Honey Types: B-Well Orange Blossom, B-well Natural honey, B-Well Pure Honey.



Our honey is processed in a HACCP facility and is subject to coarse filtration, centrifugal clarification, fi ne filtration, and blending prior to filling. The resulting honey is clean and practically free from foreign matter including comb wax and insect fragments and any signs of spoilage such as fermentation and mould growth.

The honeys essential composition is not changed or its quality impaired by heating or processing.