If you simply enjoy cooking, or love bringing the flavours of the world into your kitchen. The Cooking Wines family of products is your first choice for quality, versatility, and great taste. We use premium quality, rich and robust Australian wines, carefully blended for cooking. Our Cooking Wines, available in various delicious flavours are premium, full-strengh wines that balance and enhance the flavour of almost any dish.

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cooking  wines
classic dry red Classic dry red
Has juicy, ripe fruit flavours and aromas of dark plums and blackberries.
sof fruity white Soft fruity white
Is light green straw in colour with fresh fruit flavours.
classic dry white Classic dry white
Has citrus and honeydew flavours and aromas.
italien style red Italien style red
shows a deep, vibrant red colour with ripe berry notes on the nose.
750 ml bottle : the perfect size for domestic kitchens and cellars. To be stored at room temperature

15 litre cask cooking wine 15 litre cask :

Conveniently sized and tapped perfect for any commercial kitchen. To be stored at room temperature
Key Features
. Produced using only the best quality grapes
. Available in 4 delicious freh varieties
. Available in 2 sizes specifically designed for both commercial and domestic kitchens

. Quality controlled to ensure consistent flavour
. Easely stored at room temperature
. Perfect for the pan