Boris Bold Beer
Boris Bold is a relatively new beer coming out of the Alsace region of France, an area where beer is brewed for centuries, near to the German border.

Boris Bold is a clean, balanced and enjoyable European strong lager with a dark golden-amber colour and a small foamy white head. Firm, peppery alcohol aroma with malt notes and hints of grain. A decent grainy flavour with some twists of fruit, caramel and a good zing of almost scotch-like alcohol taste at the end. Complex, this European strong lager works perfectly.

The label is all in the style of "rebellious leftist revolutionary anti-government anti-capitalism". The Boris Bold beer is available in very nice glossy modern 500Ml cans. An orange can for the 8.6% version and a red can for the 8.8% version.

The Boris Bold beer is available at a very competitive price for such a beer. This is definitively good value for money and it cans advantageously wider your range of beer thanks to its special strong alcohol content. Furthermore this beer is available under the Boris Bold label or under your private label. You should order it right now before somebody else does it !

Boris Bold Beer
As an OEM beer, it can be developed under different brands and labels.

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